Wear it Wednesday | Yellow

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed my favorite color. Ever since I was little I have loved yellow, there was a brief time that I preferred pink over yellow, but looking back now that was because I gave into peer pressure. Yellow hasn’t always been a cool color. So I wanted to share a few of my favorite yellow pieces from my wardrobe and how I style them. While I love yellow, I very infrequently rock more than 2 things together at the same time. It’s about balance, yes, but also I want the yellow to pop in a very flattering way. It is important to keep in mind the overall brightness when adding a color like yellow to your ensemble. I tend to wear a lot of neutrals, so when I do add ‘color’ to a look it effortlessly goes with a large portion of my closet. By limiting myself to one bright and bold color, it makes it easy to go with the other items in my closet.

My favorite Yellow pieces and how I style them:

Sisterhood tee from Sseko Designs

For someone that loves yellow. I actually didn’t own a yellow tee until I bought this one. One, I love Sseko. Two, I bought it as part of a fundraising effort. Three, it is yellow and simple and I love it.

I think this top is absolute perfection with white denim, feel free to disagree with me. But it makes the yellow feel brighter than when it is paired with blue jeans. This tee is so easy to dress up with a woven skirt or trend-forward pants and flats. Plus it is just a tee so I can easily dress it down.

Yellow Skirt from Elegantees

This skirt is several years old. I felt obligated to buy it when it was named the SHELBY skirt and it was yellow. So yeah, I bought it. I love the knee length, stretchy waist, and of course pockets!
I often end up wearing this skirt with a graphic tee and sneakers, or paired with a striped top and sandals. Either way, it is one of my favorite pieces to wear in the summer!

Yellow Gabby Flats from The Root Collective

My first pair of The Root Collective shoes were my yellow Gabbys. I asked my husband for them for my birthday & have been wearing them ever since. Everyone talks about how great they are but the follow-up is always, “I wouldn’t know how to wear them.”
I’ll tell you. With basically everything. I’ve worn these flats with jeans; black, blue, and white. I’ve worn them with dresses and skirts, and jumpsuits! I am never disappointed and they always get compliments. In fact, I often have to remind myself not to wear them every day because I do have other shoes in my closet.

Other Yellow pieces I have & love:

Yellow key bangle from Sseko

Pela case for my iPhone

Hydroflask coffee tumbler/water bottle

Yellow Midi dress from Elegantees

Striped top from Old Navy

Striped sweater from Gap

Beats Headphones

Vintage Vinyl Barrel back Chair

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