Ethical & Sustainable Fashion with Inclusive Sizing

One of the biggest criticisms of the ethical and sustainable fashion industry is the lack of inclusive sizing. As a person with an easily accessible size, in most things, this does not affect me often. But it is a hindrance to those who want to shop more sustainably.

Before we begin. Weight is a culmination of many things. I am not advocating for people to lose weight, in fact, I believe you can be beautiful, healthy, and happy at any weight. 

Second, I am heavily leaning on many plus-sized influencers that I follow to share with you their knowledge. So, please follow them and buy through their affiliate links.

Let’s start with brands with inclusive sizing, there are many definitions of inclusive sizing. Within the fashion industry inclusive sizing generally means, sizing up to 18, but that by no means should be the end. The average American woman wears a size 16 or 18 (LINK) Your size should not be a hindrance to wearing clothes you love or using fashion to make an impact. 



Tradlands –

Free Label –

Eileen Fisher –

Christy Dawn –

Mata Traders –

Sotela Co –

Symbology –

Tonle –

Thunderpants –

Nudie Jeans –

Now, for the fun stuff the women who wear these pieces & promote an ethical & sustainable style. I follow many of these already but researched to find this whole list & I am sure there are many many more. Give them a follow and be sure to support their content creation work by buying through their affiliate links! 












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