Simplicity Mindset

While brainstorming my new branding simplicity came to mind, not just as a visual goal for my brand but as a word used to describe myself, my style, and my goals. Simplicity. Not an anti-tech lifestyle but more like practical simplicity in the rush of everyday living.

In some ways, I do feel eco-guilt when throwing things away, mostly because I know there is no ‘away’. Those things are going to be around for a LONG time after I depart this earth. Simplicity is a call for me to practice mindfulness in my everyday life and look for the simpler option. To take my water bottle, to make fewer trips in my car, to repurpose what I already have, and to be okay with less stuff.

A simplicity mindset is wholly contrary to our culture that prescribes more and more and more. Simplicity is an opportunity to look at what we already have in a new light and with gratitude. Simplicity is learning new skills to make and/or fix things before replacing or calling in an expert. I highly recommend some experts, but also believe in doing a little research. Who knows maybe it will save you money in the long run!

Simplicity is a call for me to practice mindfulness in my everyday life and look for the simpler option.

Simplicity is never boring, trust me you’ll always be learning something new. Right now, I am learning to crochet for a project. I want to make a bag, yes, I could buy the bag but learning the skill is as valuable to me as the end product. In fact, it has inspired me to try making other things now. Thankful for friends with a lot of patience to help me learn this skill.

Simplicity is being diligent with what you have. We didn’t have a working dishwasher for a few weeks … and it taught me that keeping up with little tasks like washing and drying what was in the sink before beginning another meal was imperative to using my space and time well, especially at the end of the day.  

In choosing simplicity, I am choosing less and less “shopping therapy” and more and more slow and restful including reading more often crocheting, and more meals with friends. Less looking at my phone and more journaling and petting purring kitties. 

Simplicity is not boring, it is more tactile and in the moment.

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