Reflections on Living in Community

In complete honesty, I had no idea what it would be like to live with other people, besides my husband. Even if we had talked about doing this since 2020. In case you don’t know, we have been living with friends since mid April when we moved out of our apartment in preparation for our term as Service Adventure Leaders here in Colorado Springs. 

In short, I have loved the last 3 months. Hanging out with Sara & her family has made the last 3 months a great practice session for us to adjust to other people, their needs, and the space we need. Asher loves living with other people, especially little people. Every evening I go downstairs at 8:30 to see if the girls want him to sleep downstairs with them or upstairs with me. Often when he needs to sleep upstairs with us he literally runs from me into the girls room and refuses to leave. The cats on the other hand would prefer to have their own space and not be forced into play situations with the little people. I do think it has made them slightly more grateful for the life they have with us. Even though we had our own space to rest and relax, I, often found myself downstairs to hang out with the family.

So what did we do in the last 3 months? 

We shared food and stories.

We went to the garden center, farmer’s market, Manitou Springs, thrift store, Old Colorado City, the Library, and Who gives a Scrap.

We ate, drank, enjoyed coffee and dessert.

We cooked, crafted, watched movies and the Avalanche, and gardened together.

While I am excited for Service Adventure, our time here has been a huge blessing. A gentle and not so gentle reminder that we are called to live in community and recognize that our lives are interactly intertwined when we live into our callings in Christ’s body.

As we move into our new co-leader roles with Service Adventure, I will take this time with me as a blessing for continuing to work and live into community. And since I won’t be too far, perhaps we can still do dinner, craft, and take trips to the garden center for more plants!

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