Ethical & Sustainable Fashion for Budget Buyers

Ethical and Sustainable shopping often feels out of reach for many folks on a budget but there are a lot of fun and creative ways to build a wardrobe you love when on a budget. It may take a little longer to complete your closet but remember the joy is as much in the journey as it is in the final product. 

Secondhand clothes are sustainable. 

Secondhand clothes are sustainable, because wearing them extends their life and keeps them out of landfills. And while I sometimes have complicated feelings about secondhand clothing from the thrift store, I also love buying secondhand. You can find great cuts, colors, styles, and brands at a great reduced price. With the resurgence of many vintage styles, I’ve bought many pieces from Poshmark that are originals from the 80’s and 90’s that are now trending. 

I love to wear sweaters, the thrift store is a great place to get pieces like sweaters and other simple basics at a cheaper price.

You can shop secondhand in-person at consignment shops and thrift stores. In Colorado Springs, I love the Arc and Ashley’s Attic. You can also shop secondhand online from sites like Poshmark & ThredUp. While I have bought and sold a number of pieces on Poshmark, I have little to no experience on ThredUp. You can even find some great vintage styles on Ebay too just be certain they are authentic before purchasing.

Many of the pieces above came from Poshmark; Nisolo Chelsea Boots, Overall Dress, Vintage Pendleton Cardigan, Tradlands Sweater. One was a handidown from my mom, one from a vintage consignment shop in Buena Vista, and one a gift from my husband. I love all these pieces and the unique touches they add to my wardrobe and personal style.

When buying secondhand I tend to value natural fibers; wool, cotton, silks. And focus on the versatility of the piece. I don’t usually buy tee shirts secondhand but focus on more expensive styles or brands in excellent or VGU (very good used) condition.

The only fast fashion piece I have bought secondhand was the overall dress pictured above. I found it at Target several summers ago but couldn’t convince myself to get it. Then I thought about it ALOT. So I poked around on poshmark and voila! There it was in my size so, I pulled the trigger and bought it. Zero regrets as it is perfect to wear year round and the pockets on that dress are some of my favorites.

If you plan to try buying online, know what tops fit you well. Measure your tops flat from pit to pit and read the size guides from the brands. You will probably have a few buys that don’t work fit wise but some times the risk is worth the reward.

Many of the ethical & sustainable fashion brands I love, also have BST (buy sell trade) groups on Facebook. I like these groups because you can buy directly from someone and still give clothes a chance! I bought many of my first pairs of The Root Collective Shoes from their BST group on facebook, and if it hadn’t been for these groups I couldn’t have afforded their shoes. 

Style isn’t old or new, it is just stylish.

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5 thoughts on “Ethical & Sustainable Fashion for Budget Buyers

  1. I love all the finds that you shared. I really dig BST and scoring secondhand treasures online – I’ve had good luck with Mercari, Poshmark, and Kidizen. And Etsy has lots of vintage treasures. I am bowing down (digitally) that you found a Burberry jacket and Pendleton sweater…wow.

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