Simplicity Saturday

Over the last several months, I’ve been slowing down. I am buying less and learning new skills so I can make things myself. Here are a few things I’ve slowly learned recently. Simplicity in my home, my attitude, my life.


I learned to crochet when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I didn’t do much with it; honestly, all I could make were scarves and cowls. A whole bunch of rows in order. That is it. This summer, a brand I love came out with a beautiful crochet bag. Yes, I could have bought it but I was intrigued by the idea of making it myself. So with no crochet hooks or yarn to speak of, and a very kind friend. I got to work learning to crochet again. And I didn’t just relearn what I already knew, no. She made sure I was up to date on the basics and then taught me to do NEW things with it. The amount of things I learned while making that bag is huge. At the end of the project, I came away not just with a new bag, but also the confidence to try other new things…

Windshield Wipers

For the first time in my life, I put new windshield wipers on my car. It did take reading the instructions and watching a Youtube video, but I did it mostly on my own. Sara helped a tiny bit.

Heatless Curls

I love when my hair is wavy or curly but the number of factors for that to happen is like getting snow in July in Colorado Springs, it happens occasionally. So, I finally found a way that seems to work well for my hair. I’ve avoided using heat for several years now because it is so bad and honestly my hair just doesn’t hold it. My new twist and dry method have proven very successful for the first time ever & I’m able to embrace curls without a ton of work or time.

Gratitude Journaling

Even though we have had a lot of wonderful things happening lately, depression and hopelessness keep creeping into my psyche. Yes, everything can seem endlessly hopeless and the news doesn’t help, nor being states away, nor the phone calls. Amidst the heartbreak, over and over again, if I can see and recognize some good and hope then maybe it isn’t hopeless after all.

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