Wear it Wednesday | How to pack practically for a multi-destination trip

My biggest obstacle when packing is not the “I want to pack my whole closet just because I want to” attitude but the “I want to pack my whole closet because I love to wear all these things and want to wear them on this trip” attitude. When you have a wardrobe you love and love to wear, sometimes it is hard to narrow down all the things you want to wear while you travel.

So, today I am going to share a few tips on how I pack a versatile, stylish, and functional capsule wardrobe for traveling. We are going to Denver for the weekend then flying out to PA for a week, then spending a weekend in Norfolk before returning to COS.

Step one. How long will I be gone & what will I be doing?

  • 1 week:
  • Denver – church assembly & concert
  • PA – leader training for Service Adventure
  • VA – beach, hanging out, resting

Step two. Make a list of all the activities you plan to do and any specific outfits you want to wear. Consider how often you will be in the car or at the airport. Fill in the gaps from there & make a list!

  • Flying – comfortable
  • Going to a Concert – fun & cooling
  • Leader Training – comfortable & stylish
  • Beach –  Swimsuit & Tunisian Blanket/Towel
  • Seeing Friends & Sightseeing – comfortable & stylish
  • Car Rides 3 Total – comfortable

Step three. Create outfits for different days & take pictures & put down ideas for when to wear them. Notecards or a spreadsheet are a great way to remind yourself what you were thinking when you were packing.

Here is where I will try to repeat as many outfits as I can especially because we are going to 3 different places to see a multitude of people.

Step four. Pack, don’t forget your bathroom items & other must-have items!

  • Concert – comfy shoes & secure bag
  • Beach – hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses
  • Waterbottle/Coffee Tumbler
  • Backpack
  • Headphones
  • Laptop & Charger
  • Cell Phone & Charger
  • Face Mask in case of an emergency

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