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Style, Sustainability, & Empowering Artisans

I cannot say enough good things about RoHo Goods, a brand founded on the idea of making artisan goods, made from locally sourced materials and the quiet literal leftovers from the community into a product that can be accessed by the global north and in particular the US.

Let’s start with the legal stuff, I am an affiliate for RoHo Goods. That means when you buy from them through the link on this blog or that I post, it will likely be an affiliate link. This means a portion of your sale goes to me to support this website & my brand. It doesn’t cost you more to shop through an affiliate link but it does support the work I do and the work RoHo Goods does.

Let’s talk about the goods, RoHo Goods that is. They sent me 3 pieces from their collection; the Tsavo Small Saddlebag in black with hair on hide leather, the Mkali Sandals in Dusty Rose, and the Esiteti Colorful Small Bangle in Yellow of course.

“RoHo” in Swahili means spirit and kindness.

RoHo Goods is committed to producing exceptional, ethically made goods; to honoring the craftsmanship and quality of life of their artisans; and to creating the kind of pieces that customers love to own and are proud to wear. 

  1. They directly source their goods from makers in Kenya.
  2. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, honoring the legacy & craftsmanship from the region and bringing a modern, timeless aesthetic to their pieces.
  3. RoHo invests in a healthy workplace, fair wages, educational incentives, and community wellbeing.
  4. Their commitment to quality shows! Each piece is exceptionally made and made to last & be loved for a lifetime!

Esiteti Bangle

The Esiteti Colorful Bangle from RoHo Goods in yellow will complete your outfits with joy! I love the shade of yellow, it slides easily on my arm but isn’t so big it will slide off, and the gorgeous colorful beads add color & variety. The Esiteti Bangle is made with traditional beadwork that sets it apart.  Knowing that this bangle was made by Maasai women creating a sustainable livelihood for their tribal community & sends girls to schools makes it more beautiful!  

When you wear pieces that bring you joy people can feel that positive energy. When you talk about the things you wear and the impact it makes, people hear that and feel your passion. Joy is meant to be shared and this beautiful bangle is perfect for sharing joy by bringing a smile to your face and when telling your friends how it was made.

Tsavo Saddlebag Small

How often do you change bags? Yearly? Seasonally? Monthly? Weekly? For special occasions? On average I change bags once or twice a year and usually for special occasions, like going to the Rockies game or traveling. RoHo Goods sent me this gorgeous cowhide bag Tsavo Saddlebag which feels super fancy for everyday and yet, it is the perfect size for running to the grocery store or heading to grab coffee with a friend. The size is perfect for all the things I carry, which isn’t much, and it instantly makes my casual outfits feel more put together. If you need more room they have a larger sized saddlebag too!

Spoiler Alert: I don’t think I’ll be changing bags any time soon!

Many communities in Kenya already depend on cattle and its byproducts for food, clothing & shelter. RoHo Goods uses what is left. They source grass fed cattle from local government approved tanneries in Kenya that follow humane practices. No mass farming. 

RoHo has a no waste model artisans & their communities get what they need and RoHo uses the rest! Supporting local communities & artisans with sustainability.

Mkali Sandals Dusty Rose

These sandals are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do! I have never had a pair of sandals like these before. The design is new to me and I was surprised at how secure they felt on my feet. I did actually go on a mini hike with them and loved the way they felt! It did take a little bit of time to adjust to the fit around my big toe but overall I love they way they feel. 

While sandal season may be trying to end here in Colorado, that doesn’t mean I won’t try to wear them a little bit longer! I love the delicate shade of pink & the ease of sliding these on with everything from dresses and jeans for church or running errands. Not only do they look amazing but they do amazing things too, providing above average wages, safe work environment, and educational opportunities for children. Handcrafted Sandals from RoHo Goods are perfect for the warm weather where ever you are!

When we have higher standards for the things we buy, we can create change with how we spend our money. Sustainable change must happen at an industrial level to support makers across the globe but when you support small artisan based businesses like RoHo Goods you make a direct impact on the artisans and the supply chain.

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