WIW | 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

In all honesty, I feel truly conflicted when it comes to holiday gift guides. As I would prefer to see less consumerism, I also recognize that consumerism at some level is required to support small business and therefore small business owners. So, all the brands I am sharing are small and I have worked with in the past or hope to work with them in the future.

This post includes affiliate links, because like these small businesses, I need to make money to support myself & my family.

ROHO Goods*

ROHO Goods carries and works with Kenyan Artisans to support their traditional way of life by selling their goods globally. They specialize in leather pieces, like bags and shoes and beaded jewelry! The coops benefit from their partnership with ROHO by providing women safe dignified work and supporting women’s health & education in their communities.

Astor & Orion*

Astor & Orion jewelry is made without waste; their jewelry is designed using materials safe for customers, workers, and the planet! Their factory shares in the belief of protecting the dignity and rights of their workers and the local environment using recycled material and pieces are designed to be easily recycled again with no extra processing.

GOEX Apparel*

I have a few pieces from GOEX, I love that they use US and recycled materials and all their pieces are assembled at a fair trade certified factory in Haiti to help keep families together with living wages and a safe work environment. Their knits are soft, designs are cute & clever, and they offer wholesale items so organizations can support the work of GOEX with promotional materials.

Liz Alig*

Liz Alig produces beautiful artisan made goods by collaborating with artisan coops around the globe that specialize in textiles. With wool sweaters from Nepal, cotton pieces from Northern India, flour sack dresses from Ghana, alpaca sweaters from Bolivia and silk from Cambodia. Easily curate an ethical & artisan wardrobe from one location! I love her black cotton striped fabric, I own 4 pieces in it!

Use THESTYLISHLYSHELBY for 10% off your purchase

WAMA Underwear*

Growing up the holidays were a good time for us to receive things we needed moving into the new year. This always included new underwear, natural fiber undies just make sense. My favorite are WAMA hemp underwear.

Mata Traders

I am a long time fan of Mata Traders, working with womens coops in India and Nepal to support women artisans and uplift communities. They feature whimsical prints, traditional block printing, hand embroidery, feminine fits, natural and blended fabrics for comfort & style. A woman-owned business based out of Chicago to promote fair trade with handcrafted styles from India & Nepal.

Maison Soleil Fair Trade Boutique*

My friend Lindsay, owns and runs Maison Soleil, based in Norfolk Virginia. In fact, we stayed with Lindsay and her husband while visiting Norfolk earlier this year! Lindsay is  passionate about empowering women artisans and business owners with her shop! Find everything from Beauty Counter to artisan made toys, handmade jewelry, and locally made stickers and art pieces!

Use SHELBY5 for $5 off your order!

Daria Day Jewelry*

Daria Day is deeply committed to elevating the lives of the artisans who create each piece. They create wearable and functional art for people looking for style and authenticity of the materials used, believing in the healing and connecting power behind each gemstone.

Daria Day works with a group of local miners to source our gemstones and silver. They are closely affiliated with the Rupani Foundation, an NGO that has created a rigorous testing process and ensures our gemstones are of the highest quality. Daria Day works with artisans living in the remote mountain communities in the foothills of the K2 Mountain in Northern Pakistan – some of which are the most isolated and poor communities in the world.

Daria Day strives to provide the artisans with a sustainable livelihood and path to prosperity.

Tools/Materials for a craft or hobby

As a new to crocheting human, I am constantly looking for yarn & deciding on new patterns. If you are considering getting crafting supplies for someone, be sure to know what things they ‘need’ or want to add. Specific types of paints or brushes, specific types of yarn or hooks or needles. Asking someone about their hobby is a great opportunity for them to share with you this thing they love and learn something new. If someone is interested in learning a new hobby perhaps begin with a few basics and buy them a class! Be sure to always include the receipt, just in case!

Consumable Gifts

Consumable gifts mean you use them, they are less stuff and more enjoyable. Eat it, drink it, spend it! Items shown and linked are from Maison Soleil.

  • Here are a free consumable gift ideas for basically anyone on your buying list:
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Gift cards to restaurants & movies
  • Candles, Food, Experiences, Trips or Destinations!


Instead of spending money on a gift or giving a gift card consider donating to a Non Profit they care about. Perhaps one they have benefitted from or support the work of often. Gifts like this show the recipient that you support the causes that matter to them.

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