Wear It Wednesday | Lessons Learned from Slow Fashion

About a year ago, I announced that I would be shifting the way I talk about my wardrobe from Ethical to Slow. My slow fashion wardrobe, has given me more opportunities to get creative and be incredibly mindful in what I choose to include. Being more selective gives me power and my intentionality increases my creativity! In a world, that continues to tell us to buy more more more for no better reason than what you have is not good enough.

Lesson 1 | What you have is enough.

When I slowed down my buying, I was able to wear the things I already have & love more often! Seems obvious and at the same time has inspire more creativity! Styling each items 3 ways, or more, in my head gives me so many outfits with the items I already have in my wardrobe! Limiting my wardrobe gives me more creative freedom, and less stuff.

Lesson 2 | Creativity

Having to get creative with my wardrobe is an opportunity to do new things, as a part of my daily routine. This opportunity has given me some of my favorite outfits! A sweater over a dress is not a style I would have ever reached for in the past, but in recent years it has become the coziest way to make it through Dressember and winter in general! Being creative has also shown me gaps, things I’ve thought would work in my wardrobe but haven’t be brave enough to try. When I can “see” multiple outfits than a garment could work well with despite me not having it, then I begin to consider adding it to my wardrobe. And sourcing the perfect piece!
I recently bought a new dress for Dressember, as is tradition. And I made a list of 10 ways to wear my new dress. I used Pinterest to get ideas, and then wrote them out in my journal to refer back to when I get “stuck”.

Lesson 3 | Intentionality

When adding something new, one could say I over thought it. On the other hand, once I added said item, I knew a few ways I wanted to wear it and tried some things I hadn’t! Being intentional meant I knew the item would work in my wardrobe and that I would have multiple ways to wear it each season and throughout the year! This coordinating Crop Set from Liz Alig has been in my wardrobe for maybe 11 months, it has been paired together and as separates. I love the versatility and timelessness of this set!

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