Minimizing my Wardrobe

Since moving into our current home, closet space is tight to say the least. And while I have always been fairly mindful of how much clothing I own, it has become abundant I do not have the room to house all the clothes I own at the moment. Which leads to a conundrum. Do I simply store it to pull it out later or do I simply reduce the amount of clothes I own?

I decided to reduce the amount of clothes I own by having a closet clean out. This includes donating, gifting, and selling a few pieces that I don’t wear them anymore. I tend to sell pieces on Poshmark, as I feel secure buying and selling there.

Here are a few things I am going to get rid of because I am not wearing them:

There is nothing wrong with these pieces, my closet space has minimized for the better and I simply do not reach for these. And that is okay, they are perfectly good pieces ready to go to someone else’s wardrobe. Not everything pictured has been listed. I list all pieces for sale on my Poshmark, HERE.

Before posting items for sale on Poshmark, I take photos of the piece on its own in good lighting. I note any imperfections and try to fix or clean them up as much as possible. In the listing I always include any imperfections and take unclose photos of details. I also try to post images of the garment on its own and being worn, not everything looks good on a hanger.

When I do sell an item on Poshmark, I always try to ship as soon as possible because I am always eager when I buy something for it to arrive and I try to give my buyers the best experience possible. I reuse old mailers or boxes to ship out and include a personal note.

Things to know when selling on Poshmark:

  • Sellers don’t receive their money from Poshmark until it arrives and you approve the item
  • Buyers pay for shipping unless the Seller offers discount shipping, in which Sellers pay a portion or all of the shipping
  • Sellers can offer a lower price on the items they are selling including lower shipping
  • Buyers can offer to buy items at a lower price than the Seller has them listed. Sellers can decline or counter that offer.
  • All offers are good for 24 hours
  • Shipping is done through USPS Priority
  • Buyers SHOULD ask questions before purchasing
  • Poshmark takes 20% of each sale.

You can join Poshmark and sell your pieces too! Use my referral code and get $10 off your first purchase!

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