Wear it Wednesday | 2021 Dressember Wrap-Up

Dressember 2021, celebrates my 8th year participating in Dressember. What began, for me at least as a way to connect with people in 2014 after a move to a new state where I knew no one has become a winter tradition. My goal this year was to raise $800, I’m grateful to my friends and [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Wearing the same dress for 10 days

Lindsay from Maison Soleil, kindly gifted me this item to share with my audience. Repeating outfits is perfectly normal, this mind shift only really began to change in the last 40 years. To challenge this culture we currently find ourselves in I enjoy wearing the same item from my closet for several days. Even though [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Why you should do a Closet Inventory

As a fashion blogger, I have a really good idea of what is in my closet. I wear a good portion of my clothing and can easily recognize any gaps in my wardrobe. But how can non-fashiony people have more awareness of their clothes and their wardrobes without becoming a fashion-focused person? Easy do an [...]

Wear It Wednesday | St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas 2021

A few years ago for our anniversary my husband did 23 & Me ancestry kits to learn about our heritage. My husband has always been interested in ancestry as his mom was adopted. I figured mine was mostly European, cause have you looked at me? My results came back mostly European but not the countries [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Closet Staples

A popular post for Fashion Bloggers over the years has been, on "closet staples". You've seen these posts with 10 timeless pieces that theoretically "everyone" should have in their closet...yeah. I've never enjoyed those posts because it always left me feeling like my closet was lacking when I didn't need to buy anymore and knew [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Valentine’s Outfit Ideas 2021

Valentine's Day is 3 weeks away, and regardless of the pandemic it is always fun to dress up and celebrate your love with your partner! Even though we don't do much to celebrate this holiday, I'm sharing 5 Valentine's ready looks that I already have in my closet for the special day, you don't have [...]

Wear it Wednesday | How to pack a Capsule Wardrobe for a Trip

Traveling in 2020 feels like the most unnatural thing, but to make it less stressful and easier I am creating a versatile capsule wardrobe perfect for hanging out with family or taking holiday photos! So, here are my tips for packing a capsule wardrobe for a one week trip! I found this one on Pinterest [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Halloween Outfit Ideas from your Closet

I am the Ebenezer Scrooge of Halloween, no really. But playing dress up is always fun, even if it’s just for dinner at home with your spouse. PS. I literally put a sign on my front door that says we don’t have candy and to not knock on our door.  Audrey Hepburn via Breakfast at [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Ankle Boots for Fall 2020

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family. The most fall-inspired piece in my wardrobe sans cardigans would have to be ankle boots. They are perfect for keeping your feet [...]