Work from Home | day 28 {#31daysofgettingdressed}

This has been probably just as hard as blogging every day this month, putting an outfit together everyday even when I'm home all day is hard. Even when it's just a tee shirt and blue jeans and on the plus side the other residents at my complex didn't see me in my sweatpants and PJ [...]

Work from Home- day 26 {Weekly Inspirational Quote}

It's our last week of 31 days! Really y'all we made it! And this final quote seems appropriate as you continue in your journey as a work from home professional.  And if you click the picture you can actually buy this from Etsy. Don't ever look back, don't compare your present with your past, and [...]

Working from Home- day 25 {Inspiration Recap}

Ok, this week we talked all about inspiration and where to find it to stay motivated. I find my favorite Inspiration from my favorite: Podcasts Pinterest Boards and Playlists  Where do you find inspiration? Another great source of inspiration for me is to sit and talk fashion with co workers or friends!

Work from Home- day 20 {Staying Encouraged when it gets tough)

Here is the meat of my 31 days challenge, the hardest part of working at home is just that you're at home and most of the time working alone. It is so easy to get discouraged when you are alone. My dad works in sales and is alone for the most part, he says working [...]

Work from Home- day 19 {weekly inspirational quote}

Remember work from home professionals... Remember each day to keep looking forward. You are on your way in the right direction, keep moving forward my fellow WFH employees, professionals and may not feel like you're making any progress but with every next step you are moving ahead!