Wear it Wednesday | Styling a Little Black Dress this Autumn

This product was gifted to me to share with my audience. For the longest time, I avoided wearing black. It probably doesn’t help that I grew up in the 90’s around the punk rock and emo cultures. So in an effort to always be super feminine, I wore white and avoided black. Until High School [...]

Wear it Wednesday | 3 ways I am styling a Jumpsuit

I ordered this Hallie jumpsuit in March, it was the first piece of clothing I ordered in 2020 after a 2.5 month no buy challenge. And it arrived in August, months later because when the Coronavirus hit Nepal they locked down the borders. So, I waited patiently knowing when it arrived I would wear it [...]

Wear It Wednesday | How to wear a Maxi Dress Year-Round

I think we’re all loving the maxi dress trend, but raise your hand, does anyone struggle with wearing maxi dresses outside of say summer? I know I do. So, I put together 4 ways you can rock a maxi dress all year long, my favorite was the winter look which I plan to rock on the [...]

Wear it Wednesday | How to look stylish & be functional in the mountains

I live in Colorado, the pervasiveness of functional clothing is everywhere, and when you plan to spend any amount fo time outdoors, functional is necessary. But you can look cute too.  We recently went up to the mountains for our church’s annual retreat, while we didn’t end up staying overnight (dog mom problems) we did [...]

Wear It Wednesday | How to dress for Spring in Colorado

I intentionally waited to write or conceptualize this post until the snow stopped. So, let’s just say this if for dressing in spring in Colorado, between May and June, because that is actually what I’m writing about. If you’re looking for advice on what to wear between March-May, I recommend clothing from every season plus [...]