Shine a Light on Women’s Health Month

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family. May is Women's Health Month, and after another endless winter here in Colorado Springs, I am finally getting outside to enjoy the [...]

3rd Annual Prairie Creek Redwoods 5K Race 2016

This was our 3rd year attending the Prairie Creek Redwoods Race in Orick, CA. This year we were a bit more out of shape and hadn't been to the gym in a while so we opted for walking the race, which was fine by us. We finally got to really enjoy the views and scenery [...]

I ran a 10K

OK, so I mostly ran a 10K, which in case you don't know is 6.2 miles. Last year I ran my 1st 5K, at the Run in the Redwoods at Prairie Creek Redwood Park north of Orick, CA. At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution to run a half marathon, so I [...]

2nd Annual Prairie Creek Run in the Redwoods 5K

Last year, this was not only the first time they held the Prairie Creek 5k/Half Marathon but it was also the first race I ever ran. This year we returned to run it again. (Here is last year's post)  My NikePlus App has trouble keeping up with me on the densely covered trail around the [...]