Styled by Shelby

Wardrobe Refresh $200- 2 hour

I review your closet/wardrobe & give you insight into how to style the pieces you already own including outfit ideas and images. If you have a closet full of great pieces, but need a variety of fresh new looks for them.

Create 50 outfit ideas- digital photos-& photo book to help you recreate the looks.

(No trying on outfits)

Closet Styling $500 – 2 hour

I tell you how to wear what you already own & give you honest feedback on what works and doesn’t in addition to new ideas on what to include in your next shopping trip.

Create 5-10 looks for 2 areas of your lifestyle.

You get a basic understanding of what cuts & accessories work for you.

Personalized look book to recreate the styles we create together.

Complete Styling Session $900 – 3 days

I go through the entire styling process with you from understanding what you already own, what you need to a shopping experience & creating a wardrobe you love & feel beautiful in.

  1. Sort- in-home consultation, learn about your style, lifestyle, & budget. Together we go-through your closet (donate, tailor, trash), decide what you need to fill the voids. (I will donate all pieces you’re ready to part with!)
  2. Shop- I pre-shop for you! All you need to do is show up to the dressing room & try on hand picked styles within your budget for your wardrobe.
  3. Style- After shopping we return to your home to seamlessly blend your new pieces with your old, how to accessorize and we will take photos so you can recreate these looks on your own.  On-line portal with body shape measurements, styles, colors, and recommended future buys!

Why Sort, Shop & Style? If we simply Sort, you may be left with a diminished closet and no real plan for acquiring the missing pieces. If we do nothing but Shop, you miss out on all the amazing outfits we can create with those new items and old favorites.

*Ethical Shopping Option* Instead of going to the store to shop, we do an online dressing room with pieces for you to order. Most brands have free returns & exchanges, once you decide on the pieces buy from each brands. When everything arrives we continue with the Style portion of the experience at your home!

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