Wear It Wednesday | 2019 Spring 10×10 Challenge

With it finally, officially being spring it felt like a good time to do another 10x10 challenge. So what is a 10x10 challenge? It's when you pick 10 pieces from your wardrobe to wear for 10 days. Now, I prefer to choose 9 items; 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and 3 dresses. Allowing me to wear [...]

Wear It Wednesday | 10×10 Capsule Challenge

I love a good style challenge and I haven't done a 'capsule challenge' since October and with the weather warming up now seems like a GREAT time to start! So, here's how you do this! Pick 10 pieces: 2-4 tops 1-2 dress 1-2 bottoms 1-2 outerwear 1-2 pairs of shoes (if you want to count shoes [...]