Work from Home- day 20 {Staying Encouraged when it gets tough)

Here is the meat of my 31 days challenge, the hardest part of working at home is just that you're at home and most of the time working alone. It is so easy to get discouraged when you are alone. My dad works in sales and is alone for the most part, he says working [...]

Work from Home- day 17 {How to work outside your home office aka at Starbucks}

So, just because you have an efficient home office doesn't mean you have to be shut up there all day everyday. I like to schedule 3 afternoons out of my home office a week, yeah it sounds like a lot but it's a great way to get up and get out.  On days I plan [...]

Working from Home- day 7 {31 days of getting dressed}

Me and Kayla from The Creative Jayne met through last year's 31 day challenge and this year we are both doing a #31daysofgettingdressed on Instagram, as a work from home professional this is such a change for me as I usually hang out in my sweats all day. You can follow along on Instagram @shelbyclarkeca [...]

Wear it Wednesday | #31daysofgettingdressed in October

Happy Wear It Wednesday, my sisters in fashion! Nothing to inspire you with today, but I wanted to give you a heads up of what Kayla and I will be doing for the month of October. We are both participating in write31days where we actually met via our blogs last year! This year we will [...]