Wear It Wednesday | Why I am wearing a dress

Happy Wear It Wednesday, my fellow fashionistas! Ok, so obviously I am talking about a dress today but this dress is very special. I am wearing the Elegantees Dressember dress, made with fabric and constructed by women in Nepal providing them with fair wages, self confidence and a source of independence after being rescued from trafficking. [...]

UK 2015 | Liverpool to Glasgow & the Scottish Highlands

The next few days were full of driving so while we didn't do much per se, we saw a lot of the countryside and enjoyed the fall weather...I also napped a lot in the backseat. In Liverpool, we toured John Lennon and Paul McCartney's childhood homes. Initially I wasn't like over the moon about the [...]

Wear It Wednesday | Stretchy Pants

Hi there! Kayla from the creative jayne here! stretchy pants for thanksgiving? yes, please!!! last week on wear it wednesday shelby gave us a few stunning outfit ideas for thanksgiving and today i am giving you some smashing stretchy-pants outfit suggestions because grandma knows we on the scwanke side stuff ourselves till our buttons pop...not [...]