Buy Better Buy Less Pledge

It's the final day of write 31 days, thank you SO much for joining me! And I hope you found a new favorite brand to share with everyone on your holiday shopping list! If after the last 31 days you have decided to buy less and buy better, would you mind joining me in pledging to [...]

Ethically Made: Krochet Kids Intl.

This is our first Non Profit of the month, Krochet Kids gives 100% of what they make back to the women and communities that they work with. They teach them about business, financial planning, and empower women to go, do, and be successful. They lift them out of poverty with training and education and leave [...]

Organic & Fair Trade: Pact

In case Mighty Good Undies, doesn't have all the options you are wanting then Pact maybe the undie brand for you, multiple cuts, colors and styles for wearing when it's hot, or cold. Pact is dedicated to changing the fashion industry for good and I like that! Brand: Pact Country of Origin: India How they [...]

Worldwide Textile Waste & Recycling

Waste in any industry is a problem but according to Eileen Fischer, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter after the oil industry and while that seems a little exaggerated, it's most likely true. Albeit hard to prove. (Here) Fashion is a complicated business involving long and varied supply chains of production, raw material, [...]

Ethically Made vs Fair Trade

When companies post that their products are ethically made what exactly does that mean? How does the production of their product benefit from being ethically made? Is there a difference between ethically made and fair trade? Sseko Designs for example provides housing, pays the girls they employ reserving half what they earn for the day [...]