Finished Reading: The Ministry of Ordinary Places by Shannan Martin

Shannan's book The Ministry of Ordinary Places shines a light on the unglamorous ministry of living life as a Christian where you are. You don't need to go to Kenya or Nepal, Chile, or Ukraine to make a difference for God's kingdom. That work, your work could very well be right in front of you. [...]

Faith | Beautiful Word Christmas Devotional

In case you haven't seen my bible shelf, I'm all about the Beautiful Word Collection, from their bibles, to devotionals and even a coloring book. The latest addition to my shelf is the Beautiful Word for Christmas Devotional. It features a beautifully illustrated verse by verse telling of the Christmas story. And 31 days of [...]

How I am learning to SAVOR each & every day

I am an avid routine keeper, somedays are harder than others especially as a work from home individual! But my day always includes one hour with God, either before I 'go' to work or after work and lunch of course. Adding Shauna Nieguist's Savor book of devotions/journaling prompts has been a nice reminder to enjoy [...]

I Just Finished Reading ‘Searching for Sunday’ by Rachel Held Evans

I am a huge fan of Rachel, so I have been eager to read this book for a while. So was my husband. I like to think that if we moved to Dayton, TN we could be friends with Rachel and her husband. In fact, I secretly like to think we already are. The subtitle [...]

Let’s all be Brave by Annie F Downs- A Review

Honestly, I didn't know what I was getting into when I requested this book other than several fellow twenty somethings I follow on Instagram and Facebook, *highly* recommended I read it. I always get a little worried when it's published by Zondervan as they are a bit more theologically conservative than me and I really [...]