Finished Reading | Buy the change you want to see by Jane Mosbacher Morris

When I see books focused on ethical fashion and practices, I'm drawn to them, naturally of course, but I quickly become bored because I already know what they are telling me. Not the case with Buy the change you want see by Jane M. Morris, founder and CEO of To the Market. Jane tells readers [...]

Finished Reading | Winning Her Business by Bridget Brennan

When asked about the largest growth markets, most minds answer China or India. And yet they miss the one right in front of them. Women. As a woman also with the title wife, I am the primary purchaser for our family. Food, home goods, clothing, and necessities. While many times my husband is involved in [...]

Finished Reading: What Color is your Parachute? 2017

I'm not exactly sure where the title originated from but the 2017 version of What Color is your Parachute? is perfect for those in the market for a new job, contemplating on getting into the job market again, or simply trying to figure out what to do with your oddball skills and experience.  personally, I [...]

My Favorite Feedback- OneWomanShop

I’m answering the question “What is the best thing that you routinely hear from clients, customers, or readers?” as part of One Woman Shop’s My Favorite Feedback series. Want to participate? Look over the guidelines on One Woman Shop by November 14! As a photographer, I get a lot of feedback. But my favorite thing I hear from [...]