Spring 2018 | 10×10 Style Challenge | Days 1-5

Well, after months off and not doing a style challenge I finally decided to participate in the Spring 10 pieces 10 ways challenge. I desperately needed this challenge and to be more creative with the pieces in my closet. Before this began I saw a real need for more dark tops in my closet, especially navy. [...]

Wear It Wednesday | August 10 piece Style Challenge

So, Kayla and I were talking earlier this summer about how to determine your style and what you want vs actually need and wear. She was trying to figure out what pieces she actually needed in her wardrobe while I was struggling through the Summer 10x10 challenge, swapping out a piece here and there as [...]

Wear It Wednesday | 10×10 Capsule Challenge

I love a good style challenge and I haven't done a 'capsule challenge' since October and with the weather warming up now seems like a GREAT time to start! So, here's how you do this! Pick 10 pieces: 2-4 tops 1-2 dress 1-2 bottoms 1-2 outerwear 1-2 pairs of shoes (if you want to count shoes [...]

Wear It Wednesday | Capsule Wardrobe

Capsules are becoming a huge rage right now with good reason. 1. Getting dressed is EASY! 2. They are RESPONSIBLE. 3. They are SIMPLIFIED. This post by Dallas Mom’s Blog is super helpful in proving this third point. Ok, that’s all well and great, but what IS a capsule wardrobe? There are so many posts [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Capsule Wardrobe 4

Welcome back! It's the FINAL capsule wrap up for the Wear it Wednesday Capsule Challenge and 31 days! Get excited! Recent Struggles: As usual, I didn't get dressed every day as a work from home employee, it's much harder than it sounds. Although I find myself having a better routine when I am dressed. Strange [...]

Wear It Wednesday | October Capsule Challenge 3

It's time for our third Capsule Challenge Update.... Recent Struggles: Not getting dressed. This is a legitimate challenge when I'm at home working all day and the only people that see me are my husband and my dog. (yes my dog qualifies as people but cats do not) What I wish I had: More occasions to [...]

Wear It Wednesday | October Capsule Challenge 2

It's time for our second Capsule Challenge Update.... Recent Struggles: I didn't get dressed for like 4 days straight, I was working on my blog, working on work, taking care of my husband and all around just getting through to do lists that didn't involve getting dressed What I wish I had: more athlesuire...like legit [...]