Wear it Wednesday | Travel Capsule Wardrobe & Family Photos

Last week, I shared about how I packed a capsule wardrobe for a one week trip back to Texas for Thanksgiving. Wearing a capsule wardrobe meant rewearing pieces, which doesn't bother me but the world is constantly telling us to constantly be wearing new things, and rewearing pieces is some how shameful? In my original [...]

Wear it Wednesday | How to pack a Capsule Wardrobe for a Trip

Traveling in 2020 feels like the most unnatural thing, but to make it less stressful and easier I am creating a versatile capsule wardrobe perfect for hanging out with family or taking holiday photos! So, here are my tips for packing a capsule wardrobe for a one week trip! I found this one on Pinterest [...]

Wear It Wednesday | Tips to creating a Capsule Wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes are a super popular trend in the fashion industry right now. And while they have old origins, it is not something you can create quickly for cheap. The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is having clothing items that mix and match with each other effortlessly. I’d say after a few years, I have [...]

Wear It Wednesday | 10 Fall Staples to wear this season

Fall is the perfect season to par down your wardrobe for something simpler and equally versatile. Here are my picks for a classic and put-together fall staples collection to wear with the items already in your closet or as a versatile capsule wardrobe.  This set feels edgier than I typically wear together but they all [...]

Wear It Wednesday | How to create an ethical closet

I made a conscience decision this year, to have a more ethically minded closet. Focusing pieces made specifically by brands that empower women in developing countries.  Here are my go-to tips for creating a more ethically minded closet: CLOSET INVENTORY First, you have to know what you actually have in your closet before you can [...]

Wear It Wednesday | Capsule Wardrobe

Capsules are becoming a huge rage right now with good reason. 1. Getting dressed is EASY! 2. They are RESPONSIBLE. 3. They are SIMPLIFIED. This post by Dallas Mom’s Blog is super helpful in proving this third point. Ok, that’s all well and great, but what IS a capsule wardrobe? There are so many posts [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Capsule Wardrobe 4

Welcome back! It's the FINAL capsule wrap up for the Wear it Wednesday Capsule Challenge and 31 days! Get excited! Recent Struggles: As usual, I didn't get dressed every day as a work from home employee, it's much harder than it sounds. Although I find myself having a better routine when I am dressed. Strange [...]

Finished Reading: The Curated Closet

Rees first book is a look at created a closet that defies trend and focuses the reader on creating a wardrobe that they feel confident in and get the most use out of through an in depth closet cleaning, defining of style, identifying pieces that readers want to wear again and again and inviting them [...]