Wear it Wednesday | Why you should do a Closet Inventory

As a fashion blogger, I have a really good idea of what is in my closet. I wear a good portion of my clothing and can easily recognize any gaps in my wardrobe. But how can non-fashiony people have more awareness of their clothes and their wardrobes without becoming a fashion-focused person? Easy do an [...]

Wardrobe Care | Closet Organization 101

This is a first in a series on organization of your closet, dresser, and accessories. I also plan to be sharing how to care for, store, and wash the pieces you own. We’ll talk about folding, washing, polishing, and air-drying our clothes & accessories. So let’s start in our closets... No matter how big or [...]

Wear It Wednesday | My 4 Favorite Ethical Brands

Although, I love learning about new ethical brands and supporting them I tend to shop my favorites over and over again. If you're not sure where to start in the ethical shopping game, this list is a good place to dive in. There are shoes, tops, dresses, even jeans on this list! ELEGANTEES I really [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Summer Shoes

Although the temps have been blissful lately, seriously like in the 70's over the last 5 days but now that the worst is about to begin hello 100 degree days!  It's too hot for pretty much every thing, almost to hot for clothes...I'm not one to go nudist but you seriously re-evalutate your clothing options [...]

Wear It Wednesday | How to create an ethical closet

I made a conscience decision this year, to have a more ethically minded closet. Focusing pieces made specifically by brands that empower women in developing countries.  Here are my go-to tips for creating a more ethically minded closet: CLOSET INVENTORY First, you have to know what you actually have in your closet before you can [...]