Working from Home- day 25 {Inspiration Recap}

Ok, this week we talked all about inspiration and where to find it to stay motivated. I find my favorite Inspiration from my favorite: Podcasts Pinterest Boards and Playlists  Where do you find inspiration? Another great source of inspiration for me is to sit and talk fashion with co workers or friends!

Working from Home- Day 12 {Weekly Inspirational Quote}

  This is my go to inspirational quote. Life doesn't demand perfection from us, that is our inner critic, life demands progress. Think of a snail, he can't beat the cricket but he keeps going knowing if he doesn't he won't get anywhere. Print this and put it on your bulletin board, inside your calendar, [...]

Working from Home- day 5 {Weekly Inspirational Quote}

Readers, if we don't know each other personally please know this about me. I am an encourager, if you have a dream I will walk along side you and tell you to do it and believe. I think everyone that has a dream could succeed if they had someone telling them they could. Now, confession [...]