Finished Reading: A Light so Lovely – the spiritual legacy of Madeleine L’Engle by Sarah Arthur

Confession time, as an avid reader I have not read The Time Quintet. Which includes L'Engle's most popular book, A Wrinkle in Time. I have read her nonfiction work Walking on Water, which I reviewed a while back. (I chuckle that the only book I've read by this famous fiction author is a piece of [...]

Finished Reading: Evicted by Matthew Desmond

I keep telling people, my husband & friends, that I want to read more fiction. But I keep picking up nonfiction. This one has been so engrossing, I'm consumed with these stories, the statistics, and it's tragic.  I wanted to be sympathetic to the landlords in the book. I tried hard to care about their [...]

Finished Reading: The Moth presents All These Wonders

A collection of stories given on stage in front of a live audience about bravery, fear and life. Each story is put into a specific section of the book with a general theme, and each story leaves something with you. Travis and I love reading, love listening to the Public Radio Exchange and this seemed [...]