Wardrobe Care | Accessories 1,2,3

How we organize and care for our accessories is as important as how we store those pieces. Our metal jewelry can last for years, but needs to be cleaned and stored properly. But what about paper beads? Silk Scarves? Leather or canvas bags?I’m going to help you organize, clean, and store all your accessories! ScarvesHow [...]

Wardrobe Care | Closet Organization 101

This is a first in a series on organization of your closet, dresser, and accessories. I also plan to be sharing how to care for, store, and wash the pieces you own. We’ll talk about folding, washing, polishing, and air-drying our clothes & accessories. So let’s start in our closets... No matter how big or [...]

Working from Home- day 15 {Home Office Organization}

I'm so excited to share my home office organization with you today! I was an Interior Design major in college so form and function make my heart flutter!!  So, we know I stay organized with my iCalendar synched across all my devices but what about my home workspace organization? I have a File tub/Cube turned [...]