Wear it Wednesday | My Favorite Shoes for Spring in Colorado

Spring in Colorado usually means 20-30’s in the morning and around the 60’s in the afternoon. This extreme variation in temperature can sometimes feel hard to get dressed around, but I have found if I am going from home into the office or into a building then I can enjoy some of my less wintery [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Styling Loafer Flats

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family. When an ethical fashion brand you love comes out with a shoe with your name, you buy the shoe! The Root Collective [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Summer Shoes

Although the temps have been blissful lately, seriously like in the 70's over the last 5 days but now that the worst is about to begin hello 100 degree days!  It's too hot for pretty much every thing, almost to hot for clothes...I'm not one to go nudist but you seriously re-evalutate your clothing options [...]

The Root Collective- 2015 Spring Line is Here

I was recently accepted into The Root Collective's Blogging Affiliates Program and I am over the moon! I love the items that TRC has and that they partner with artisans in Guatemala to create beautiful and unique pieces! My favorite items from TRC are defiantly the Mustard Flats...if you know me I love a good [...]